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Global mushroom shop is one of the legitimate and  trusted online store you can find in the internet with amazing varities of products and Excellent customer supports available to help 247.

Okay if you’re interested in “truffles” this is the store to go to. They where very informative and even though I couldn’t buy any or try any (I get tested at my job) I thought it was very eduacational and I learned a lot
Plus, there was so much in there I didn’t even know what half of it was!!

Terra Scott / Google review

Super helpful woman working at the live chat section  helped us pick out some great truffles and  yummy chocolate . She told us exactly what to do and we followed what she said and truly had one of the greatest afternoon/experiences of our lives. Magical ❤️ thank you so much!

Jenni Finch / Google review

Had a good product and instructions. It seems they don’t want to sell the strongest stuff to beginners, which is fine. Enough tourists are messed up. I recommend this website for beginners.

Matthew Telles / Google review

An excellent array of funny and humour products containing some that are also useful as well.
The names tells all, and you can instantly see what kind of shop it is going to be. It doesn’t disappoint and is a very intesting place that is not suitable for kids, no matter how much if looks like it is. It is very clear about what it is though, so you don’t have to worry.
Overall I’d definitely recommend this place as it contains a lot of funny or interesting products, has a nice staff work force

Nicolas Charabora / Google review

Great variety of product but most importantly an amazing staff. Very responsible and professional advise on dosage, timing and setting when taking truffles. Would definitely recommend this website for you new here one the amazing store i have come across online.

Rui Baiao / Google review

It’s a great store to visit and i highly recommend it to go there. One of the employees, helped me a lot and knows a lot about the products. What a great service! Very interesting what he told me so I will come back for sure, keep doing the good work.

Elise de Boer / Google review

If you are looking for a boost of happiness then this is the store.
Almost all kinds of shrooms is sold here.
There are magic truffles and other items that one has never heard of.
Also, there are different types and grades of the green vege so you’d best ask the staff on their recommendation.

Zain A / Google review

First time to shop in a website like this – my American friend and I spoke at length with the tan, Spanish-sounding employee, who was very kind and explained everything we need to know about truffles. What a kind guy. We never got to return but we are ever so grateful to this place.

Michal Tomko / Google review

Loved this store. They have a great selection of mushrooms truffle. The clerk was super nice and a wealth of information. Really took the time to explain the offerings and help pair us with the products to best suit the experience we were looking for. If you’re looking for a good trip, then make this your first stop. They’ll take good care of you!

Norm McGlone / Google review