Mushroom spore syringe for sale uk, If you’ve been looking for a way to cultivate mushrooms at home, spore vials could very well be the perfect solution. With this method, it’s possible to get multiple flushes from the same vial. Allow us to give you all of the information you need on mushroom spore vials.

mushroom spore syringe for sale uk

Psilocybin spore vials, Spore vials are a handy way to cultivate the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom of your choice. Essentially, the vials contain sterile water filled with spores. Typically, the vials are made of glass and have a rubber cap to keep the contents inside secure, airtight, and most of all, uncontaminated. With around 1,000 spores on average per millilitre of solution, there’s plenty here to kickstart your home-growing project.

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Once you’ve got your spore-filled syringe, it’s time to inoculate. Whether you’re using glass jars topped with microporous tape or a grow bag with a silicone seal, all you need to do is pierce the seal with the needle of the syringe and inject the spores into your substrate or solution.